• I grow tomatoes from seeds in one pot at HDB corridor. Total 5 stalks. It got tall and bend during strong wind. Look weak. Got flowers budding. Some leaves dried out. I keep watering more. Doesn’t seems to be helpful. What can I do?

Staying in HDB means that a lot of time, we do not have enough sun. Our environment is densely packed and our balcony or corridor could be blocked by other buildings. When the plants don’t get enough sun, they tend to be very long and weak. This is probably the reason.

If you have one pot with five seedlings, how big is your pot? If you are using a 10cm pot, your plants won’t have enough space to grow. If the lower leaves are drying out, don’t worry. When the sun is blocked, the plant is unable to do photosynthesis so the leaves will eventually become yellow and dried off. 

You certainly need to water more because you have five plants in a pot and they are very water hungry.

It would be good if you could submit a picture to us.

  • Any reason some pandans have stronger fragrance?

Frankly, this puzzles me too. I have different types of pandan and although they are from the same parent plant, the smell varies. 

No 1: always get pandan from a parent plant that smells well. The other thing that I realised and experiened is if my pandan is under more sun, it has stronger smell . Pandan can grow under 2 hours of sun or full sun.

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