Pioneer Membership – Ask Gardening Questions

Hello everyone, please ask your gardening questions by posting comments below. We will send you written answers within 3 – 4 working days.

For all plant-related questions, please include the following:
• How long have you grown this?
• Do you fertilise? Frequency?
• How much sun?
• How you water? Frequency?
• If herbs, how often you prune?

This way, it makes it easier for all of us to get the context and give you constructive feedback!

Happy growing!

14 thoughts on “Pioneer Membership – Ask Gardening Questions

    • Wan Ying Chan says:

      Hi Celine

      When we have projects calling for mass shipment, we will call for group buy.

      At present still $120 for a pair of 90cm full spectrum LEDs.

      Wan Ying

  1. celine51 says:

    I found a better spot for the leafy vegetables, when I place them here, feel like they are so happy, smiling & waving (bcos of wind) at me, hehe. The sun direction change to this area.

  2. celine51 says:

    The plants that I grow, some can grow well & some died.

    Plants that grow well are pandan, ginger, blue peas, sweet potato leaves, rosemary and mint.

    Plants that not grow well are sunflower, Thai Basil

    Plants that died are sweet basil (plant many times & died many times), lavender, leafy vegetables

    Kindly give comments and advice how to improve and do better in vegetable growing in this corridor, thank you

  3. celine51 says:

    I stay at HDB apartment with North facing. I plant my vegetables at the corridor area, first half of the year can get sunlight few hours, at this time can’t get sunlight at all, the area is bright & windy.

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