LED Grow Light

  • Artificial light didn’t help. Why?

What is the specs of your light? What is the PPFD spec of your light? For plants, the plants are looking at this figure. Basically, it’s a measurement of how much proton is hitting on your plant per square meter at a distance.

If your seller cannot answer PPFD, he or she might just be a LED seller, not a grow light LED seller. Very likely, your LED is not going to work.

Go for PPFD of at least 300, most likely, your artificial light will work.

  • What kind of grow light is the best? Blue light/ red light / violet / white light? Can i used home normal LED?

Grow led typically comes in blue/red or full spectrum but there are more to it than just color. The spectrum and strength (PPFD) all play a part. Normal LED is built for human, not for plants hence not suitable especially for edibles. This is a huge topics on it’s own and it will not be covered in this series.

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