Individual Topic – Sustainability and Renewal

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“Can I use my existing soil to grow food?”
“The soil seems bad, do I throw away the soil?
“Can I reuse the soil after planting?”

Wan Ying of Little Urban Oasis started farming 11 years ago. She never throws away the soil, nor does she change her soil.

This course is all video learning packed with real-life experiences. There is no scrolling through pages and pages of text.

By signing this workshop at $30, you can access the following modules for 3 months:
– Soil renewal
– Water conservation
– Easy waste recycling
– Tips and tricks

This course is bite-sized and self-paced. Allow you to learn at your own pace and own convenience.

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Sustainability and Renewal

Sustainability and renewal intro
Soil renewal
Water conservation
Easy waste recycling
Tips and tricks
Download guide: 3 Amazing Crops That Fix Your Soil

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