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Not everyone needs a grow light. If you are blessed with sun, you don’t need a grow light. However, staying in HDB often means that “not enough sunlight” or worse, “no sunlight at all”.

If you are feeling confused about grow LEDs, not sure which one to get for your gardening, join this workshop and learn from Wan Ying, our expert farmer who has been using grow LEDs for more than 6 years.

This course is all video learning packed with real-life experiences. There is no scrolling through pages and pages of text.

By signing this workshop at $30, you can access the following modules for 3 months:
– Understanding the basics of grow LEDs
– Configuration and combinations
– LEDs physical outlook
– Power wattage
– Light strength
– Using or mounting of grow LEDs
– Do and don’ts of grow LEDs

Once you make payment, kindly WhatsApp your payment slip to 93215821.

Delve Deep Into Grow LEDs

Grow LEDs intro
Understanding the basic of grow LEDs – power wattage, configurations and combinations, wavelength and light strength
Using or mounting grow LEDs
LEDs grouping effect
Do and don’ts of grow LEDs – cut the glare and safety
Tips and tricks
Grow LEDs group buy

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